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It was difficult to start and after being away from competitions and events, our students were considered CHAMPIONS and it was a remarkable participation in a prestigious event as big as the GMUN. 

This program is under the supervision of Mr. AYMEN MENDILI and Ms. SOHAD JABAK.

The delegates started to get to know other participants and their schools, they prepared their opening speeches and by the end of the second session, our team were able to win the favor of the chairs and they became familiar with the procedures of the GMUN. Our students proposed their suggestions and started working on their collaborations with other delegates to submit their resolutions. During the last session, the voting day, most of our delegates were successful in passing their resolutions. 

By participating in this initiative, our students were able to learn without the high-pressure stakes of the classroom environment. They were encouraged to be a part of the long-learning process that our school is advocating; Our students demonstrated the ability to be productive members of diverse teams through strong interpersonal communication, a commitment to shared success, and leadership.  

In fact, our delegates were motivated to perform well taking in consideration similar future academic events and programs organized by AAS. Indeed, this event enabled them to value knowledge, be responsible and more creative.  

The American Academy was the most recognized school among 64 schools and 550 students. Our students won 3 best delegates awards, an honorable mention, an excellent diplomacy award and a special mention by the organizers and student council of Georgetown university.