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Middle School

At AAS, we understand that our middle school students are preparing themselves for success when they transition to high school.  A robust American common core curriculum delivered by caring and supportive educators; along with a knowledgeable and helpful support staff await each child.  With over ___ different nationalities enrolled at AAS, we are a school that celebrates diversity within our school environment and the community at-large. 

As a middle school section, we strive to develop the interests and talents in each student. The middle school years are important in the emotional and intellectual development of children. When our students move on to high school and beyond AAS, we believe that they will be fully prepared to transition to the next level of academic rigor successfully. 

Curriculum and Learning Resources

At American Academy School (AAS), we strive to provide an enthusiastic environment where students collaborate, think creatively, innovate, communicate effectively and be global citizens.  The curriculum provides a framework where the students can explore, experiment, and understand by hands on learning. 

At AAS, the Middle and High School Curriculum is aligned with the California Common Core State Standards in English Language, Arts and Mathematics.  We also follow the Next Generation Science Standards and provide hands on science investigations to engage students in their exploration of science. The core subjects include English, Math, Science, Social Studies, ICT, Qatar History and Arabic.  Along with the core subjects we have specialist subjects like Art, French, Business Studies, Economics, and PE. 

The American curriculum followed at AAS is based on high standards of achievement in all subject areas. AAS encourages student centered approach with a focus on inquiry-based learning. This broad and balanced approach is supported by a wide range of co-curricular activities which equip all students with the skills they need for the 21st century.

Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

AAS students have participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) Conference and placed as one of the top teams in the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC).  The team was invited to participate at the MUN Conference in New York City, USA, due to our high team placement within the GCC.  Due to COVID-19, our team was unable to travel and participate.  Our AAS Debate Team has competed against other GCC high schools and has earned many awards.

Our students have competed historically in sports endeavors both on campus and with other campuses.  Sportsmanship and fair play are valued at AAS.  As COVID-19 loosens its grip, we hope to incorporate more sports activities for our students to help ensure they are well-rounded, globally competent citizens.

Students at AAS are afforded the opportunity to participate in the Student Council.  The Student Council is a part of the overall decision-making team at AAS.  The Student Council is a leadership group and AAS and in the community.  This group can advance causes at AAS and in the community.


The exceptionally diverse middle and high school faculty is composed of staff with Doctorate, Master and Bachelor’s degrees from across the globe, who provide cutting edge educational services to prepare our students to meet the challenge of global competitiveness beyond high school. Professional Development is provided so our teachers remain knowledgeable of the current trends in education.

Student Services

Student Services at AAS is a comprehensive department that consist of College and Student Counseling, Social Workers, Pastoral Coordinators and Hallway Supervisors.  The student services department supports all students’ academic, social and emotional well-being.

The College and Student Counseling department overarching goal is:

  1. Career and College Readiness Curriculum- Foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of the importance of attending university. To better understand the richer options and opportunities available to them.  The college counselor will host College Fairs, PSAT and SAT Testing opportunities numerous times throughout the year and overseeing the Advance Placement program at AAS.
  2. Academic Development-Meet routinely with every student to create an Individualized 4-year Learning Plan (ILP) which will help to track the academic attainments and growth, planning for life after high school.
  3. Middle to High School Transition Program- Pastoral, parents incoming grade 9 students to outline the supports that will be provided or each student as when they enter high school.

The Pastoral Department is instrumental in ensuring that the day-to-day operations of the middle and high school sections are structured and sound.  The department also ensures the orderly flow of student movement, monitoring all attendance, ensuring our exam setting is setup for optimal student success and ensuring students adhere to the behavioral expectations for all students.

Recent research reveals that there has been a dramatic rise in the number of children with special educational needs (SEN), so it is essential to have staff knowledgeable of supporting our children with the most needs. Our Social Worker Team are dedicated to ensuring the academic, social and emotional well-being of our students are maximized.  The Social Workers work with the instructional staff to create, implement and monitor the Individualized Education Plans, Behavior Plans and Support Plans.