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Health & Safety

Health & Safety At AAS

The school has a clear Health, Safety, and Security Policy with all the related procedures involving that policy. As well, other policies and procedures are in place that support and sustain the Health and Safety across the school such as Behaviour Policy, Attendance and Punctuality Policy, and all the Child Protection related policies and procedures. All these policies and procedures are communicated to all stakeholders via different means such as Handbooks, Emails, SMS Links, Posters, School Website, Brochures, and Diaries. Security services are required for AAS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to secure the premises and assist in maintaining a safe environment for all staff and students. The school has 6 security personnel each day and during the summer and term holidays. The school has achieved a high degree of standard pertaining to the safety and security of the entire school. Certain procedures are followed regarding entry/exit of all students, staff, and visitors; the same applies to mail, parcels, construction materials, furniture, equipment, etc. The school has installed CCTV cameras to closely monitor all areas, as well as emergency exits in the whole building.