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School Fees Policy

Payment of Fees

All fees are for a full academic year, according to the fee schedule for that year. Annual fees are to be paid either in full or in two instalments.

  • The rates for all fees are mentioned in the school fee schedule, available from the school
  • First payment is due within a week of each

Payment for fees may be made using the following methods:

  1. Payment by cash or cheque to the Finance Office.
  2. Payment by wire transfer can be done to one of the ISL Qatar bank accounts (account details are available from the Finance Office and on invoices). Transfer charges must be paid by the parent.
  3. Payment by debit or credit cards in the Finance Office is accepted for extra curriculum activities only

Entrance Exam Fee

The entrance exam fee of QR 500 is non-refundable, and payable at the time of scheduling the admission test.



Registration Fee

The Registration Fee of 1500 QR is payable only once upon receiving an acceptance letter. Registration fee is a non- refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstances.


Fees should be paid within 14 days upon receiving an acceptance letter. If not, the seat offered to your child goes to the next one on the waiting list.


Re-Registration Fee

Returning students reserve their places for the following academic year by paying a non-refundable re-enrolment deposit of QAR 2,000. This amount is credited towards the annual fee and deducted when the first payment is processed.


Textbook fees

Parents should commit to the textbook fees allocated in the fees structure approved by the ministry of education and higher education.

Textbook fees are nonrefundable once paid.


Payment of fees by a company

In the case of payment of fees by a company, an invoice can be issued in the name of the company and copied to the parents. Parents who wish to take this option should provide a letter of Confirmation from the company.


It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure the fees are paid promptly by the company or sponsor. Any difference between the payment by the company and agreed fees shall be the liability of the parents and must be paid before the due dates.


Overdue Fees

A student may not start the academic year unless the first term fee has been paid in full.

The school reserves the right to withhold the results, reports and certificates. Also, the student may be excluded from participating in school teams, trips and events until payment is paid in full.


The student’s name will NOT be deactivated from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Students Information System (NSIS) until all due fees are paid, hence the student will not be able to register in any other school in Qatar.


Withdrawal\Cancellation Policy

For families who wish to withdraw their child from the school, one-month written notice is required.


  • If a student leaves the school temporarily (subject to the School Principal’s approval), fees covering the withdrawal period must be fully paid.
  • If the semester’s fees are paid in full and the child is withdrawn prior to the start of the academic year, only the fees will be refunded, except the Registration or the Re-registration
  • If the student has attended less than or equal to 10 school days from the beginning of the first semester of attendance, only the fees will be refunded, except the Registration or the Re-registration fee.
  • if the student has attended less than or equal to 20 school days from the beginning of the first semester of attendance, only 50% of scholar fees will be refunded, except the Registration or the Re-registration
  • If a student has attended more than 20 school days in first semester, or any part of second semester, semester fee is payable.
International exams fees

International exams fees like SAT, Pre-SAT, IELTS, AP … are not included in Tuition Fees and should be paid separately.


Losses and Damages

Charges will be raised on an individual basis for damage to School property, loss of schoolbooks, loss of learning equipment, etc. This list is not comprehensive. Charges will be discussed with parents in advance.


Other fees


Other fees for field trips or special projects/events are not included in the tuition fees. Parents will be invoiced separately for any extraordinary expenses incurred by their children.


In the event of my child taking admission / re-registration in the American Academy School, I hereby undertake and agree that:

  1. I have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by the school fee policy as detailed
  2. I absolve the American Academy School, its employees, and its Agents from any,
    • Loss of valuables
    • Accidents or mishaps in normal School hours including but not confirmed to organized sports, gymnastics, informed play, practical and craft
    • The welfare and safety of my child outside the normal time tabled day and/or in activities supervised by members of staff of American Academy School will not be responsible for the safety delivery collection of the children to and/or from school.
    • Any accident or mishap should my child leave the school premises without
  1. I will give the school at least a one month notice of my intention to withdraw my child. A written letter stating the same will be provided to the principal of the school.