February 23rd, 2020


On February 23rd, the American Academy School has held an amazing college fair for the high school students.  Many universities with their incredible representatives attended the fair in order to bounce all the necessary requirements and admissions to our students.  Councils were so busy working with the students individually.  In addition to that, many private international schools attended our fair such as Al-Manar International school, Qatar Academy, Key of Education International School, Palestinian School, Jordanian School, Sri Lanka International School… etc.  There were universities from all countries USA, UK, Canada, Middle East… etc. Moreover, all students were asked to fill up a required questioner with each representative regarding the majors, minors, costs, GPA, exams which will help them get admitted to their suitable universities.



Mr. Ismael Cadus

College Counselor & High

School English Teacher

American Academy School

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