Over the years American Academy School (AAS) has built an enviable reputation for the quality of teaching and learning in our schools to achieve positive outcomes for our students. Our success in exceeding performance to support the students’ needs, achieving remarkable results and nurturing their well-being has led to the growth of our family to 3 schools we have today. We are now proud to serve 1, 600 strong students across Doha-Qatar. That growth would not have been possible without the trust and support of the families we serve, of the wider community and years’ worth of dedicated service of the teachers and staff. Above all, continuing to build our parents’ confidence in the world-class quality of an AAS education has been, and will remain, key to the schools’ success.

American Academy School (AAS) is playing the leading role in elevating the educational standards into the modern 21st century. . . the first century of the third millennium schooling model. We have spearheaded change and innovation, transformed the paradigms of teaching across the board. The purpose of education is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, to spur critical and intellectual deliberations, enable future generations to aspire and empower them to compete globally. Our schooling network is rapidly expanding. Currently, we launched a huge extra ordinary state of the art campus. This new knowledge haven is incorporated with high technology laboratories, sports gymnasium, wide range fields and state of the art research facilities. Every class room is technology enabled and provides effective experiential learning. Our teachers today facilitate enquiry-based learning, skills-focus approach and make use of more progressive digital technologies. Through focusing on all students as individuals, responding to their unique talents and needs, we shall continue to develop AAS’s model of global education.

AAS will build a legacy by inspiring futures for generations to come. We are immensely proud of all students, who will graduate as independent, well-rounded individuals, confident to take their places in leading roles in Qatar and the wider world. We value our alumni who daily make their mark in great universities around the world, in their professional and vocational careers, and through the significant contribution they make to society, to their communities and beyond.

Building on this legacy, American Academy School (AAS) can, and should have, the greatest and highest confidence to build and believe there is a better future.

Waleed Abdulwahed  Al Bastaki

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Dear Parents,                                                   

                                                                                   “Ramadan Kareem”

We would like to start by thanking all of you for your continuous support and cooperation and we wish you all “Ramadan Kareem”.

We understand the difficulties everyone is facing at a time like this, we appreciate you for supporting our school. 

Our main mission as always is our student’s education.  We will continue to use the current programs and apps until we receive an acceptance or new instruction from the Ministry of Education, thus we will continue with the current schedule for all subjects. However, we will not upload for Qatar History, French, and ICT as we have covered the curriculum for these subjects after April 23 2020. We will continue with our e-learning until further notice from the ministry.

After careful observations and discussions, our team has decided on a fair evaluation process to asses our students. Since our program is 8 weeks, this means they will have 8 graded assignments. By the end of this week, our students will complete 6 assignments either by Socrative or google class.  To give our students a chance to work hard and achieve the best results, we will pick the highest 5 grades in the evaluation. There will be no final exams. As for the midterm tests, the subjects that have been conducted will be considered. The remaining subjects, we will calculate 2 of the highest quizzes. 

 Below  is the percentages on how we will evaluate all students. 

Grades 1-11 

50% - Online Assignment

20% - Midterm test or Quiz (for subjects not done during Midterm)

15% - Classwork of January and February

15 % - Homework of January and February

Grade 12 :

30% - Online Assignment

20% - Project

20% - Midterm test or Quiz (for subjects not done during Midterm tests)

15% - Classwork of January and February

15% - Homework of January and February

Parents will receive a progress report for weeks 6 and 7 along with the final reports  through ClassDojo and google class. Final report cards will be distributed the week of May 19-23rd   . Parents will receive a SMS when the report cards are ready and on how you will receive it. 

Kindly make sure to check the previous e learning progress reports, sign and send them back. 

Students with outstanding accounts will not receive their final reports, kindly contact the accountant department to settle. ( School’s Ramadan Timing 9-12.30pm)

Finally, as always we need your full support to be able to succeed together. Your guidance with your child is very important for him/her to achieve. We need your leadership at home with your children! We are here for our students and parents and are working hard to overcome these difficult times. 

We thank you and hope you all stay safe. 

 AAS Family

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